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We all can profit from a free framework we apply to our organization. On you get free certifications to different level of Scrum. So we are engaged to give something back to the community. You will find Usergroups, Agile meetups around your location. They welcome you a lot. Everyone has something to say and contribute to the community. Do not crumble in your office, get out of it, tell your story and you will get help or suggestions that can help you overcome with your situation. The internet is a really good source of knowledge. But nothing is better than the exchange with each other.

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We fight for the same thing, so let's learn from each other. Tell your story, experiment with new things and report about it.
A network inside and outside the company helps you to get feedback and other views. Learn new knowledge and no-knowledge and stay on the pulse of the agile movement.
Certainly agile enthusiasts will meet near you. Search for Agile Breakfast, Agile Beer, Meetup Groups, LinkedIn, ... Go, get involved and try to contribute.
Use the online channels to stay up to date. Learn what's worth reading. Find articles, experiments and new ideas that you can bring to your team. This resource is very large.


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