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Scrum Team - Deal with Crossfunctionality

Do you have a crosssfunctional Scrum Team? How many different Specialist do you have? Are they all "cross" enough to act and deal with all the work that accrues? Yes! Great. You should be happy and stop reading this post and use your time to produce some value. No? Then I recommend to read further. Maybe I have some Ideas to deal with this challenging situation. According to the Scrum Guide we have only one role in the team. The Dev role. But this role faces a lot of different skills. - writing User Stories (if the PO delegates it) - communication with customers - full stack developer skills - Testautomation skills - Testmanagement skills - Operation skills - Support skills - ... Maybe there are other things. But let us be honest. Do you know someone who could cover all this skills in a professional level. Then please give me the contact coordinates I have a employment for her/him. ;-) Because of the situation above we have different professionals in