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ScrumMaster - ThatMatters We all can profit from a free framework we apply to our organization. On you get free certifications to different level of Scrum. So we are engaged to give something back to the community. You will find Usergroups, Agile meetups around your location. They welcome you a lot. Everyone has something to say and contribute to the community. Do not crumble in your office, get out of it, tell your story and you will get help or suggestions that can help you overcome with your situation. The internet is a really good source of knowledge. But nothing is better than the exchange with each other. Picture Description We fight for the same thing, so let's learn from each other. Tell your story, experiment with new things and report about it . A network inside and outside the company helps you to get feedback and other views. Learn new knowledge and no- knowledge and stay on the pulse of the agile movement . Certainly agile enth

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ScrumMaster - ThatMatters To work in an organization which is not from a Startup character, ScrumMaster had the engagement to develop and change the organization. This is really hard work and you will not get much of credit to do so. Then large organization are stable and not likely to change. There are fear and uncertainty around. We as ScrumMaster are in the duty to pick this feelings and get them the necessary security. If we are able to develope an environment of trust, we can reach a lot. Sometimes you have to be like a pirate in the organization. Do something that no one did before, inspect and adapt learnings. If you are fast in inspect and learning, you can show how effective change will be. Success is a good consultant in this situation. The following habbits will help you to start with change. This list is far from complete so if you have any suggestions to add something, please contact me. Picture Description Tell people in the organization about the a

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ScrumMaster - ThatMatters The ScrumMasters Job is to develop the Team so they can deliver maximal value. This is coupled to good quality and people oriented leadership. We do not squize out the juice out of one orange, we wanna grow up an orange tree, where we can get much of juice from it and which is sustainable. To do so, we have to consider a lot of habits and methods. Some of them are described in the following table. If you have any other ideas, please help me to get this more complete. Picture Description As ScrumMaster you live in many different leadership roles  ( 8 Stances of a ScrumMaster ).  The most important thing is to claim to help others become better. This can be done as a coach, mentor, teacher, etc. It is important to recognize in which status ( ShuHaRi ) the team and the individual members are . Active and well-managed retrospectives are a very effective means of improving the team (and also the organization). The impediments must be proc