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Think! Denken bevor es zu spät ist

Recently I finished the Book from Edward de Bono, Think! Before It's too late. I read it in german so the summary is also in german. The mentioned methods in the book are really helpful to see and explore other solutions. Until now I did not experiment with all these methods, but to know there are some, help you already not accept the first and obviously solution for a problem. Thinking around the corner, challenge your mind to try other ways to come to a solution. Enjoy reading and explore your mind for the best solution you can find at the moment. Think - Denken bevor es zu spät ist

Work out your own engineering culture

Hi everyone The next posts I will take you with me, creating a engineering culture for my organisation. We are a 2500 employee insurance company where the IT section is about 400 people includes all services, in development we are about 200 employees. I think you already know the popular engineering culture videos from spotify, Henrik Kniberg A lot of other organisation have also a short brief engineering culture in a one pager form. My goal is to work something out for our organisation. I belief this is helping the people identifying with the organisation. It is a good communication medium and shows smart and short the way we work together. As first action we held a workshop with all Scrum Master, we where around 20, to go into the theme and discussion with each other. The videos of Henrik we toke for inspiration and afterwards we held a World Café with for themes. Ile of ideas Valley of values Mountain of principles Track of practices With this themes we tried to sh

Scrum Master - Have fun with Burndown Charts

Since several sprints I have paint it some Burndown charts they can inspire you to do so. Burndown's can help your team staying focused on the sprint backlog. It also shows you up, if you have too big stories in your sprint, because they take more time to getting done. My recommendation is not count the Subtasks, only show up the real burned stories. What are your experience about burndowns?