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ScrumMaster - ThatMatters

Hi ScrumMaster's Have you ever ask yourself what really matters for your Job? Where you should have Focus on? What is expected from this role? I have made some experience I would like to share with you. This experience are based on my own work with different teams, but also from books like Scrum Mastery from Geoff Watts, Whitepapers from Barry Overeem and other inspiring articels on the web. My way to Certified Scrum Professional did also have Impact to this. Maybe there are some ideas you can benefit from. Idea Proportions in the following picture are not choosen at random. You-Team-Organization-Community. In this order I see the responsibility in the role of a ScrumMaster. You have to be ready for this Job, then you can bring your Team to success and out of your success you can help the organization to become better in agility. After all, the community is thankful, if you share your experience with others, so the agile movement can grow. You  - ScrumMaster is in the Cente