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ScrumMaster - ThatMatters - You

ScrumMaster - ThatMatters Most important for a ScrumMaster is to look after himself. For you it will be essential to live what you belief in and hold the flag upright. You have to be agile, not acting agile. Working on your facilitator, teacher, mentor, leader role and striving for excellence. It is hard work, because of the diversity, but in my opinion the most complete role you can have. How you can do that? Read books, follow the world agile leaders, conferences, local community and most important experiment with your idea, inspect and adapt. For this, change your flight height to see more in the hole context, what is going on in your team and with yourself. If you read further, your will find the most important things in my opinion, that matters to you. There are more points to look after, belief me. Picture Description Be Authentic means, not lying to yourself. I feel this as a very central aspect in the work of leader roles. Spec