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What's getting you out of the bed every morning?

That is a realy hard question, isn'it ? Can you answer it for yourself. Try. In my opinion it is important that going to work is not a must. Sure, every one of us have to have some money in the pocket at the end of the day, but this should not be the main driver behind. And it is also clear that we do not have fun the whole day and we have sometimes uncomfortable work to do. But what you like to do most? Do more of them and you are getting more motivated. Another point is, try to have a positiv mindset, smile for you, it will help you to get over the uncomfortable things. To help you to reflect yourself and getting more mindful to your environment, please have also a look on . There you can find some methods you can try to achieve more mindfulness. For this I can aslo recommend the book from Chade-Meng Tan. To enjoy work presupposes that you can work in social and fair environment. There should not be fear somewhere to do something wrong. Also you sho