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Battle Workshop - Method

Battle Workshop In the method "Battle Workshop" we have two groups, each in a extreme position or opinion. A third group observs what is going in and give each round feedback and summarys to the hole group. Example Opinion 1 What a feeling to have a group which is reaching a goal together. No one have the feeling that someone did not give all his power and passion to that goal. That is stuff from which are high perfomance team made. To count on everyones will to get to the next goal. Opinion 2 Or is this all a feeling we should only have in our spare time, when we have really fun. Maybe to have a hike together and reach the top of a mountain. At work we have to sit, be quiet and deliver what was commanded. Only this way an organisation can have success. Procedure We go together in the groups and make a battle plan, write down some arguments. We argument with all we have against the other team for a certain time. You will recongnize when the energi