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Companys are built to fail

Dear readers I going to write my future blogs in english to reach a greater circle of interest people and to get more feedback to my articles. Built to fail! Our business is built to fail, not to succeed. There has always to be one head to fingerpoint, to blame of. Look to the events in the banking world. At no time the company take the responsibility. Always a single person has fired, blamed and merely asked in the public. However everyone knows that not a single person can take the responsibility of a department. But who should then take it? CEO? President of the board? ... The Problem The companys are built on distrust. There is for each single task a controller, everything is measured with KPIs. Company goals to reach. There is always the revision in the neck, if we do not that way the revision.... This culture get to the employees. There goal is to satisfy the system, not do a good job. Why should they collaborate? There bonus is not getting higher, if they collaborate s