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What Scrum Master do, when they do not master Scrum

I am already had a similar post , but here I want to go for more options for the Scrum Master. In the meantime I came to another view to this theme. Where ends the Scrum Master role? Generally you can say, that if you do Scrum with perfect self organized teams, with high level of Agile mindset there is no more need for a Scrum Master. Everthing is mastered by the Team and Product Owner. The team organizes their dailies, do the retrospective to continuous adaption. The Product Owner do his job properly and organizes the Sprint Review and Sprint Planning 1. Responsible for Sprint planning 2 is the team. What do you mean? Where is the place for the Scrum Maser role? If a Scrum Master do his job well, then he is digging his own grave. But should not that fact be the driver behind the Agility. When a Scrum Master reach this point then he achived the highest Scrum Master Maturity (and could check all points of Great Scrum Master ). He is only needed punctually in the team. So to answer